Tuesday, May 3, 2011

And you can never stop cursing your life..

Have you ever thought life was unfair ?
That is has been fair to everyone but you ?
If you don't get that one girl/guy you love , its the end of the world ?
If you can't pass an entrance exam , you've let your parents down ?
If you don't smoke/drink and you don't wear branded clothes , you don't own a blackberry.., you don't deserve to be with your ultra cool friends ?

If we can't appreciate the life given to us by God. Why do we even ask for more ?
Why do we worship God if ultimately we have to curse him for everything that goes wrong in our lives? And how many of us actually thank him for the slightest of happiness he gives us ?

For every door that closes there's one that opens. Similarly for every reason to hate life.. there's one to love it ! Only if we look at the brighter side of life.
Ninety percent of what you think is made up by your mind. Most of what you think about others is made up by your mind.
Nobody's bad your thoughts make him/her so.

What makes life unfair ? Exams ? Poverty ? A Broken heart ? Letting your parents down ?
Who's responsible for everything .. Who is to be blamed ? God or YOU ?

You don't study. You fail. You curse God.
You're poor. You do nothing to make your life better. You curse God.
You're rich. You can't thank God for everything you can afford. BUT YOU CAN CURSE HIM FOR EVERYTHING YOU CAN'T AFFORD.
Someone loves you. You hurt him/her. You never curse yourself.
You love some else. You can't have him/her. You curse God.

Its funny , how easy it is to put the blame on God for everything.

To be continued..

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