Friday, April 15, 2011


Its been two years since they're friends and she has known & loved him since forever.
She loves him to death with undying hopes that may be , MAY BE someday he'd walk upto her and confess his love to her. Though , she pretends to have moved on , to cover every question about him with her fake 'I don't give a fuck nomore' attitude.
And I wonder if he even cares. Guys usually don't. They're heartless creatures.
I've known a part of him , that sometimes leaves me confused.
Confused about why does'nt he really want to be with her ?
Her unconditional love. Why can't he appreciate it ? Is he so unfortunate ?

Has he even tried ? Tried to understand the heart that he's hurting ?

Seems like she does'nt have a choice. HE is everything to her. Loving him is like her need. Is he really worth it all , if all that he has to say is 'sorry' ?
Could just one sorry take away all the pain that he put her fragile heart through ?

Not everyone gets the one they love , and not everyone is loved so much. Only if people start appreciating and respecting others' feelings for them. Only if people instead of waiting for the one they love , start living with & for the one that loves them , their lives would be happier and more content.

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