Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Life right now is bizzare.
I don't seem to understand whether it's good or bad.
I got what I wanted and as a matter of fact I always get it, but I am not happy. Yet I am not sad either.
I have freedom and it hurts.
Then again, I got cheated on and yet I am happy.
I have a past I don't want to look at but I am proud of it.
I finally have all the opportunities, but I miss what I sacrificed for them.
Well not like I had a choice.
If I had a choice, Life would be much better, yet when I turn around and look I am the only one that has a choice.
Its all about how you look at things.

And right now I sit and realize.

I have learn't not to crib over small things because then things only get worse.
I have also learn't that being happy makes things worse.

Thats when I realize that life is going to unfold the way it has to, no matter what and its only a matter of what you think of it that makes a difference. The only way you can make things better is when they get bad, just relax and be optimistic. And the only way you can make things worse is by feeling sorry for yourself.

Now to all who think, why are you unhappy? and why are you happy?
Think about it because the ONLY one who gives a shit is YOU! The ONLY one who can make a change is YOU and the ONLY one that matters is YOU.

So enjoy life because you never know you might get addicted to not enjoying it and you'll end up enjoying cribbing about everything.

Don't moan unless its out of love,
Don't cry unless they are tears of joy,
And don't mock me for what I have written unless you know the REAL me :)

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