Sunday, May 6, 2012

God Always Has Better Plans.

 So now its evident why din't it ever work with anyone else. She has finally found the love of her life , she's happy being with him. He gives her butterflies in her stomach , they fight like a married couple and then  kiss and make up. He makes her feel like they're meant to be , like there's no other guy who could love her more. And what more could she ask for? Its a dream come true for her :) 
  And what makes me write about her story is the realization that sometimes when you chase someone way too much and run in circles around them , they don't acknowledge your presence and your worth and you feel all let down and you start doubting yourself - if you ain't beautiful enough or if you're not worthy of getting that someone. 
And then.. Comes the turning point - THAT one day when someone comes along and makes you realize WHY din't it ever work with anyone else. This someone comes and makes you feel like the prettiest thing on the face of this world , like you're the reason for the sun to rise and stars to shine , for birds to chirp and water to ripple.  How beautiful life looks with that someone around , ain't it ? 
 Finding the right person can sometimes be depressing , it might weaken you , lower your self esteem and have ample of negative effects on you as a person all together , waiting may seem long - but you gotta hold yourself together , laugh with your best friends and have the time of your life , listen to your favourite genre of music , look pretty and love yourself until you find someone - because the results would be worth waiting for. 
 No matter what the definition is , you can't buy love or beg for it , you can't touch or find it , it just knows before you when you least expect it to. 

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