Saturday, July 14, 2012


After contemplating over relationships , trying too hard to hold on to some and trying too hard to let go of some. You come to a point where no over analysis is need . That point is certainly not the high point of your life. Its the low phase - when the darkness overshadows your relationships and at that point of time the real bonds shine through. This is indeed the true learning phase of life. Every person who turns you down - your so called best buddies , your true friends , your soul sisters , your soul mates , your close friends , your boy/girlfriends  - whatsoever. They help you move one step closer to becoming strong.
  Until you reach this stage , life is either way too complicated or way too simple and boring , in either case it turns upside down once every person in your life is 'unmasked'. You see your best friends turning into your worst enemies , there's nothing true in your 'true love'. You realize your enemies weren't your enemies and your friends weren't your friends.. there was a thin line of judgement which you couldn't perceive properly - epic failure it was.
 And what does one do in such situations - crib and die? NO. One should just be 'Grateful' for the lessons learnt. Every mistake has a lesson learnt.

To be continued..

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