Sunday, July 22, 2012

The urge to express what's in my heart

They met when they stood on the threshold of teenage and remained best friends till teenage lasted. One of them, Rose , turned 20 earlier this year and the other one , Lily will turn 20 in a day or two. They both have their dark sides - Rose' ego centric , stubborn , she can't take no for an answer , selfish at times - which let me tell you , her friends refuse to accept that as a negative trait in her. On the other hand Lily's self centric too , way too self obsessed , has a 'i'm sexy and i know' kind of attitude and its all about 'her'. 
Anyway , lets move further. If they were both so ego centric and self obsessed what made them best friends ? 
Well , the fact that they were both WAY TOO similar. So they kinda perceived each other one as a reflection to oneself, which in turn made them obsessed with each other too !! 
They laughed together , ate together , took every tiny decision of their lives together. Lily was like the guiding spirit for Rose and Rose on the other hand was Lily's 'hang out zone'. They were 'happy' in the real sense of the word when they were together.
They made each other feel special , like true lovers. They protected each other , they stood up for each other , spoke for each other , and they were way too much in love than any other pair of best friends would be. 
Something extra ordinary about their friendship was how they created magic together and how they could escape from reality into their own pretty little world. What looks even more amazing to me is the fact that - They were best friends and never jealous of each other. They were GIRLS at the end of the day - the most jealous creatures God ever created. Right?
Oh! But OTHER girls were certainly jealous! 
That feelindpg you get when you see an 'oh-so-perfect' couple and you wish you had such a relationship ? Others experienced such feelings when they saw these two.
It was a 'picture perfect' friendship , with no expectations , no qualms , no regrets . But like all the "Good Things" come to an end , this beautiful relationship got jinxed too. 
  It din't happen abruptly , this friendship was degrading and both of them could sense it. They made various attempts to save their bond of true friendship.
 Rose was dependent on Lily for everything , because she thought that nobody could take her so called 'best friend - soul sister' away from her. But it had been a while since Rose started feeling alienated and unwanted. Lily fell in love with a guy and was busy in her own life. Rose was happy about the fact that her best friend was happy - that was all she asked for. But sometimes you should be careful what you ask for ! 
 Rose' wish came true. Her friend was happy and her life was full of all beautiful things and relationships.  One thing Rose was unaware of was that wishes no matter how good or positive have another side too - like everything in the world. If there's God , there has to be Evil to make us understand the true worth of God. Likewise , Rose' wish was a dream come true for her best friend but somewhere down the line without Lily realizing it , the wish was casting its evil spell on her other relationships. Lily became self centered - to  the extent that was utterly impracticable for people around to handle. She got new friends in life - basically SHE MOVED ON.
 While Rose was still standing there holding onto the pieces. 
 To cut the long story short , Rose ended the friendship because she was way too emotionally complicated to handle.  People thought she was heartless , jealous may be - that she could not see her best friend happy , she was mean , stubborn , exaggerative and whole lot of mean words now became synonyms to her. 
  So finally , one day Lily walked up to Rose , trying to make things better and tried a lot and finally told her that ultimately Rose'll have to share her best friend with her future husband , her kids and in laws but no one could ever fill Rose' place in Lily's life. Finally , after hours of contemplation and bewilderment Rose decided to give up because the place that once belonged to her , was not hers anymore. Lily was content in her life and believed her friendship with Rose diminished because Rose had something against this new guy in Lily's life but she could never figure out how Rose always had a love too in her life and still never turned away from Lily. 

Rose and Lily were one of those girls everyone wanted to become friends with , unfortunately they could not stay friends with each other.
 Although , Its never too late to start afresh. But sometimes .. its better to end things on a positive note and not hold grudges , and worsen everything trying to make it better. 

 Everything in the world , Indeed COMES TO AN END. 

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